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wondrousbutstrange asked:

Once you're through with removing the flesh from the bones, what do you use to clean/bleach them? I've always used hydrogen peroxide, but I was curious as to whether using it was correct or if there was a better way.

 I always use hydrogen peroxide. From all of my research it’s the best method for whitening that damages bones the least.

This little piggy’s on the market. This is a fully formed stillborn piglet I preserved myself and as always ethically sourced. Unfortunately he’s too big to ship with all of that liquid, the container is 12” high so he needs to be picked up. I’m in Eureka CA and am willing to deliver to most places in Humboldt County. $300

I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be part of this year’s Rogue Taxidermy show at La Luz De Jesus in LA along with other amazing fellow Rogue Taxidermists. If you’re able to make it to LA for the opening I would love to see you there! (work featured here by Jessica Joslin)

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