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#tbt One of my favorite digital pieces from back when digital was my medium. I remember the day I photographed cows this one was throwing a fit and all the others kept ditching it. She had quite the attitude problem. I’m still willing to offer signed prints of past work so let me know if interested.

The newest addition to my library, “Crap Taxidermy” by Kat Su, author of Crappy Taxidermy on Tumblr. The photos in this book range from cute to terrifying but offer laughs and inspiration nonetheless.

"A kapala (Sanskrit for "skull") or skullcup is a cup made from a human skull used as a ritual implement (bowl) in both Hindu Tantra and Buddhist Tantra (Vajrayana). Especially in Tibet, they were often carved or elaborately mounted with precious metals and jewels."

I had the privilege to hold onto this beautiful piece and do some minor repairs on it before sending it back to its home with the Circus Emporium Roadshow where it’s part of their traveling collection of oddities.

The leaves are just starting to turn and our local pumpkin spiders have been practicing their weaving, which means my ethically harvested and preserved webs will be available again soon! There are currently a few available at Many Hands Gallery in Eureka, if interested please give them a visit or call them at (707) 445-0455

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