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Beautiful antique sleep mask I found while shopping in Missouri. The lace and ribbons are so pretty and the back is lined in velvet. I made it back to California so I plan to put this to good use for a day or two after all that traveling.

Tonight I took a near sunset walk to the little cemetery near my parents’ Missouri home to clear my head from all that’s been going on. I took my camera phone with me and was snapping photos of the various old graves. I found the grave of a 6 year old girl from the late 1800s that was slowly being covered in vines. I sat there for awhile and caught a photo just as a butterfly landed on the grave face. I uploaded it right away after fooling around with various settings. I didn’t realize sunset had come and as I looked up from the screen I realized I was surrounded by hundreds of fireflies rising from the graves like dancing glowing spirits. I was in complete awe, I just sat there in the grass as the cemetery was filled with glowing light. The fireflies were so curious that some flew right up to me, lighting up my face and then gliding away.

The sound of crickets, cicadas, and various birds filled the air and sounded like an orchestra. I felt something large move past me and saw a bat gliding through the air, creating figure eights around the cemetery as it fed off the gnats buzzing around the yard. It glided around for some time amongst the fireflies and me. It all felt like a grand ball that I stumbled upon, I never knew a quiet place of peaceful death could be so full of life. After some time sitting and watching in awe I rose and slowly  began dancing with the creatures of the night. The frogs from the nearby pond began to chime in along with the choir of insects already singing to me. As it got darker and darker I bid my new friends goodnight and headed to the entrance and down the road, looking back every few seconds to see the glittery lights still dancing among the dead.

Many of you have been wondering why my shop is closed and I haven’t been posting much new work. On July 1st my mother had a stroke and is still in the hospital. I decided to take a break until August so I could fly from California to Missouri to be with her and my family. The good news is that she is now in inpatient physical therapy and will most likely make a full recovery, it will just take time. Here she is sitting up and reading, major progress! Thank you all for your support and I’ll be back in the studio early August :)

On one of my flights yesterday I had a window seat with a view of one of the propellers. They were invisible to my naked eyes but the camera picked them up in interesting ways.

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